Beatrice Jouty’s Painted leaves

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Using leaves as a canvas for painting comes from Antiquity : we can find some in India, in arabic and african countries. Even though this tradition is not very spread, it continues in occident nowadays.

I pick leaves from several trees in the Cevennes area because of their texture and their ability to receive specific treatments : chestnut tree, maple, lilac, ginkgos,...

After several years of drying, I make another selection and treat the leaves in order to give them robustness and longevity.

Then, I choose the right leaves in accordance with my project. At this point, with fine and light brushstrokes, I bring together fleeting nature and several aspects of life turning a vegetal support into a painting wich is impregnated of an antique sap witch haven’t totally disappeared.

Beatrice Jouty.

On the website of the Association Chemins d’Art are some of my paintings and my painted tree leaves among the works of many


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